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Yongkang campus model science and technology sports shines at the 2018 zhejiang vehicle model championship!
The zhejiang provincial vehicle model championship (jinhua station) for the 2017-2018 season officially kicked off on June 2 at the feishen race track!The competition was hosted by zhejiang provincial sports bureau, zhejiang model radio sports association, and undertaken by yongkang sports development bureau and feishen group。

The primary school affiliated to yongkang teacher education school, dasixiang primary school of yongkang city and jiefang primary school of yongkang city organized teams to participate in this competition, and achieved outstanding results in the group projects of 1/18 electric buggy, 1/10 F1 and 1/30 QQ billiards car respectively.

In particular, the combination of zhu luhan and zheng yangrui of dasi lane primary school of yongkang city, in the collective project of 1/30 electric remote control billiards car, and the final team of dongyuan primary school of jinhua city, they were not afraid and dared to challenge, and finally won the team championship!
Team member zheng yangrui in the concurrent 1/18 electric buggy project, after the second-round preliminary race, first in A group, but the car broke down halfway, loss of the championship opportunity.

Yongkang dasixiang primary school 2017 national vehicle model open (yangzhong station) won the champion of billiards car group project.

Yongkang dasixiang primary school won the second place in the team sport of billiards car in the 2017 national vehicle model open (yongkang station).

Yongkang dasixiang primary school has a good record in the team sport of billiards car, the school teachers have been training hard for a long time, the team members use the lunch break to prepare for the game.
As old saying goes,¨one minute on the stage, ten years on the offstage¨.Since the establishment of the car model team, yongkang primary and middle schools have been adhering to the concept of "suitable development, cultivation of specialty and publicity of personality" as one of the characteristic courses of the school.The team members not only worked hard in the club class, but also sacrificed their spare time to train hard in the school is indoor track and FS racing field.The school insists on creating conditions for the development of students, and specially invites technicians of flying god racing track to give regular guidance.

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