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The zhejiang province vehicle model championship (jinhua station) in the 2017-2018 season has ended successfully!
The zhejiang provincial vehicle model championship (jinhua station) for the 2017-2018 season officially kicked off on June 2 at the feishen race track!
The competition was hosted by zhejiang provincial sports bureau, zhejiang model radio sports association, and undertaken by yongkang sports development bureau and feishen group.
As many as 182 people took part in the race, including 1/18 formula , 1/18 electric buggy, 1/18 electric touring car, 1/30 electric billiards car.

At 8:00 on June 2nd, the competition was reported. At the gate of the FS speedway, a crowd of red people entered the race field and entered the maintenance area orderly. The scene was quite spectacular.

It started at 9:00 a.m. with a drizzle, and the race was still going on. The rain kept falling continuously during the race, but the weather did not affect the passion of the competitors. The public assistant stood in the rain and dutifully picked up the car.

In another arena, the indoor arena of the flying spirit training center, where the 1/18 formula, 1/30 billiards car, and 1/22 wind-powered car project , the competition will also be intensely.

The competition also welcomed the young reporters of yongkang daily on the day, after learning model knowledge, watching the competition, and interviewed the contestants and teachers of the school leader.

In the afternoon, the award ceremony was held at on-road race, all the grand prizes were unveiled.
The winning contestant breaks out the smiling face, also has loses the contestant to flow down the sad tears, the race next year we will return to.....

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