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National sports industry demonstration base construction research FS group!
Li hua, President of China sports goods industry federation, and wang ping, deputy director of the sports equipment and equipment center of the general administration of sport of China, led the national sports industry demonstration base construction research group with more than 10 people.
At 8:30 a.m. on June 14, accompanied by lu yi, vice mayor of yongkang city, and leaders of the municipal sports bureau, the research team came to the headquarters of feishen group and was warmly welcomed by the group is President Chen xiangyang, vice chairman Chen bin and other company executives.

The research group visited the company culture exhibition hall and product exhibition hall.
During the visit, the members of the research group took a keen interest in the leisure sports products such as flying car, car model, mobile car, children is car, etc. They carefully watched the display products, understood the industrial development, asked questions about product performance and technology, and Chen xiangyang President and the engineers and technicians present gave answers one by one.
The leaders also took an interest in the field test drive of the car, the operation of the car model and youth intelligent billiard, and watched the drone show.

At the following seminar, the secretary of the President, ying luxu, on behalf of the company, introduced the development process, industrial layout, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of the company to the leaders of the research group.

The President of Chen xiangyang mainly reported the development strategy and planning of feishen, and proposed three major goals to be achieved in the next five years.
Build a world-class sports industry leading enterprise with products covering leisure, professional and competition level;
Build a leading brand in China is RVindustry and enter the top five rv enterprises in China.
President Chen also reported the current difficulties in the development of leisure sports manufacturing enterprises, and called on government departments to issue corresponding supporting policies to promote faster and better development of the industry.

The research group highly appraised the development of the leisure sports industry of feishen.
Li hua, the group leader, said that after seeing the pavilion and hearing the report, he was shocked by the flying spirit.
Fly god is a young enterprise, but also a very strong enterprise.
Encourage feishen to continue to work hard to lead the industry standards with first-class products, strive for greater achievements and make greater contributions to the development of China is leisure sports industry.

Research group members on how to use the foot to use existing policy promotes the development of leisure sports industry, leisure sports industry how to build the "made in China - 2025", how to build the government, enterprise and market advantage of the trinity platform for the regional sports industry, foreign trade enterprise how to domestic trade advantages excessive transformation of enterprises, government and professional department how to provide better support services for enterprises and other issues put forward guidance.
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