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In the middle of August, there will be a large number of drivers from all over the country gathered yongkang!
Two national level events, the national youth vehicle model championships and the national vehicle model championships, will be held from August 21 to August 29 at the FS race track in the sports center of yongkang city.
In the summer of August, yongkang will once again be ignited by these two national model championships and events, and the national science and technology model sports event which is the normal state of the FS race circuit has become a name card of yongkang, a famous city in zhejiang.

The 2018 national youth vehicle model championship is the top competition for young car models in China.
In 2017, it attracted nearly 400 teenagers from more than 20 teams in various provinces and autonomous regions in China, all of which were outstanding among them.
The movement of vehicle model is similar to driving real cars. It should not only test the practical ability, psychological quality and driving skills of the competitors, but also have good and stable psychological quality, strain ability and excellent team organization and coordination ability.
Since since the sport to carry out projects backed by state general administration of sports, the ministry of education, China association for science and technology, the communist youth league central committee and the support of women is federations and other units, and also get the provincial municipal units, education institutions, the active participation of teenagers who are interested in science and technology model to provide a display of talent and technology professional platform, passion is racing to reflect the charm of sports science and technology.
The 2018 national vehicle model championship is a professional competition for car model lovers in China. There are car model masters from all over the country.
The car model championship is a national model event integrating science and technology, sports and sports. It has unified international racing rules, which is equivalent to MINI formula 1 racing. Participants need to make, assemble and operate the car by themselves, and devote themselves to the race.

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