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The 2018 national vehicle model championship and the national youth vehicle model championship open!
On August 25, it was hosted by the air traffic control center of the general administration of sport of China, China vehicle model sports association and yongkang municipal people is government.
Yongkang sports development bureau and feishen group.
The opening ceremony of the 2018 national vehicle model championships co-organized by zhejiang model radio sports association, zhejiang non-olympic project management center, education bureau of yongkang city, science and technology bureau of yongkang city, and bu Yang group was grandly held at yongkang city gymnasium!
This tournament has 31 teams from all over the country, more than 500 team leaders, coaches and athletes participated, the scale and number of people hit a new record high!

Control center of the state sport general administration model, director of dong stands, the control center of the state sport general administration model of project director NiuYiWen radio sports association deputy secretary-general, zhejiang model consistent yongkang city people is government, vice mayor liu Lu Yi yongkang city sports Lin Zhen, yongkang, chairman of the association for science and technology for development, the method of gold, yongkang Chen Rujin, yongkang city tourism bureau deputy director, deputy director of bureau of education Hu Yu yongkang city youth corps committee, deputy secretary of the Lu Zhongjian xiang-yang Chen, flying god group co., LTD. President and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
At the opening ceremony, vice mayor of yongkang city lu yi and President of feishen group.Chen xiangyang delivered welcome speeches respectively.
The referee is representative and the athlete is representative take an oath respectively;
The opening ceremony was hosted by Mr. Lin zhen, secretary of the sports development bureau of yongkang city.
Director of the model department of the air traffic management center of the general administration of sport of China, dong changzhi, opening remarks

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