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Good news! Fei shen racing club was awarded the "advanced unit of mass sports" by the state administration of sport.
Good news: Fei shen racing club was awarded the "advanced unit of mass sports" by the state administration of sport. (only 2 clubs award this)

FS Racing club was established in 2014 and funded by feishen group co., LTD. Located in the center of yongkang city center, it covers an area of 10,000 square meters and is about 5-10 minutes drive from yongkang high railway station. Over the past three years, feishen group limited has invested heavily in the preparation and maintenance of the racing field, and gradually improved the hardware and software facilities of the flying god racing field.Now it has become a place for science and technology sports activities such as collecting sea model, car model, empty module, modeling and determination, etc., such as science and technology sports training, parent-child activity, industrial tourism, science and technology sports activities.

Since its establishment, the club has been highly valued by the general administration of sport of China, zhejiang province and the people is government of yongkang city, and has been awarded the license of relevant competent departments successively:
* national science and technology sports (vehicle model) training base;
* the youth vehicle model activity base of the non-olympic sports project management center of zhejiang province;
* zhejiang youth vehicle model activity base;
* zhejiang remote control aviation model pilot license assessment training institution.
* the 2016 CCTV air and air model competition won the "excellent organizational unit" issued by the general administration of sport of China.
* feishen group co., LTD was named "national sports industry demonstration unit" by the general administration of sport of China in 2016.
The main hosting event of the flying god racing club:
* the 2015 national vehicle model championship (yongkang station) and the flying god cup national vehicle model open;
*2016 zhejiang youth vehicle model championship;
* the 17th "I love the motherland" and the 18th "fly to Beijing", the 21st "master the future" national youth model education competition.
The education competition of zhejiang provincial youth navigation, vehicle, aerospace and building model;
* the second flying cup national vehicle model open in 2016;
* the 2016 CCTV air and air model competition;
*2017 vehicle model championship in zhejiang province;
* in 2017, the 1/8 suvs on both sides of the agus cup;
* zhejiang youth car model championship in 2017;
*2017 national youth vehicle model championship;
*2017 national vehicle model championship;

As the events held in the success of the FS Racing, the development of mass sports in the province of science and technology also have sprung up is flourishing, more and more people aware of the significant technology from science and technology, sports sports value.Since the launch of the competition, it has directly affected nearly 200,000 students in more than 1,500 schools in eight counties and cities of zhejiang province, and the two prefecture-level cities with relatively weak development of science and sports development in lishui and quzhou.At present, the club has formed a cooperative alliance with many schools across the country, and has conducted effective communication with various science and technology sports associations throughout the country, and actively participated in the competitions and promotion activities in various places.Feishen group co., LTD. Is committed to the development of youth science and technology sports, serving the masses.
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