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At the end of August, there will be a large number of experts from all over the country to gather yongkang. What exactly is it to do ?
FS Racing Club starting in July 2015, system construction, funded by a FS group co., LTD. Is located in the middle of zhejiang yongkang city sports center, as the city centre, treasure land, the transportation is convenient, from yongkang high-speed drive only 5 to 7 minutes.Covers an area of 10000 O, altogether has two reference to the international standard design of the professional field, cross-country fields and level road car, and pit, console, total control stations, rest area and audience area.

It has become:
* national science and technology sports (vehicle model) training base.
* the youth vehicle model activity base of the non-olympic sports project management center of zhejiang province.
* zhejiang youth vehicle model activity base.
* zhejiang remote control aviation model pilot license assessment training institution.

The event will be held from August 21 to August 29 for two national A-level events: the national youth vehicle model championship and the national vehicle model championship.

2017 national youth championship vehicle model is a youth models of the professional competition, every year the game ever, from more than 20 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions teams nearly more than 400 young people, are the various provinces and cities.Vehicle movement model similar to control the car, not only to test the competitors beginning ability, psychological quality and control skills, have a good and stable psychological quality, strain capacity and excellent team organization and coordination ability.Since since the sport to carry out projects backed by state general administration of sports, the ministry of education, China association for science and technology, the communist youth league central committee and the support of women is federations and other units, and also get the provincial municipal units, education institutions, the active participation of teenagers who are interested in science and technology model to provide a display of talent and technology professional platform, passion is racing to reflect the charm of sports science and technology.

2017 national championship vehicle model, the masses of models is the domestic professional event, participants have master models all over the country, scene is various "die" Lin, match-ups.Championship vehicle model is a collection of science and technology, sports and sports events in the integration of national model, with uniform international racing rules, equivalent to the MINI formula one, need participants themselves manufacturing, assembly and operation, the competition among entire devotion, is popular among lovers of all ages.The car model is strong, the country car is strong.
In the August summer, yongkang will once again ignited by model of two national tournaments infinite passion, flying god circuit - the norm of national science and technology model sports has become a city name card of yongkang.
The stadium is located in yongkang city sports center, which is the central location of yongkang city, the location is good, the area is large, the crowd flow is much, the current competition is in the field of advertisement has begun to attract investment.

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