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Eight ministries: the uav will have 300 system standards in 3 years, which will be upgraded to international standard!
Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology with national standardization management committee, the ministry of science and technology, ministry of public security, ministry of agriculture, state general administration of sports, the national energy administration, civil aviation administration of China and other departments issued "unmanned aircraft system standard system construction guide (2017-2017)" (hereinafter referred to as "guidelines").
Adhere to the overall planning of the guide, leading the development of multi-party participation, coordinated development, the demand for traction, urgent need first, the principle of civil-military integration, opening up and cooperation, established the unmanned aircraft system standard system "three steps" construction development path, has been clear about the general requirements of the construction of the standard system, content and way to organize the implementation of construction.According to classification grading complex unmanned aircraft system, volume weight and large difference of technology configuration, application field of many characteristics such as, "the guide" from the angles of management and technology, unmanned aircraft system standard system framework was proposed, including "category classification", "identity", such as base class standard, "registration management", "manufacturing management", "operation management" management class standard, such as "system level" and "parts" and other technical standards and applications in different industries, among them, the base class standard is given priority to with the national standard, management standard, technical standard and professional standard application class is given priority to with industry standards.
Next, the ministry of industry and information department under the state council in conjunction with the relevant departments to further advance the unmanned aircraft system standard system construction work, in a standard lead and promote the development of unmanned aircraft system industry.
Unmanned aircraft, commonly known as unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles, are generally referred to as remote control or autonomous intelligent aircraft that do not require a pilot to board the aircraft.It is divided into two types: military and civilian.
Currently, China is unmanned aerial vehicle system has a high share in the global market, and its technology and manufacturing capacity is at the forefront of the world is advanced level. It has become a business card made in China.
According to the guide, the unmanned aerial vehicle system in the military field has been developed for more than 30 years, and the national military standard system has been preliminarily established.Non-military fields, due to the wide application, volume weight and technical configuration difference is big, complex, classification and grading management regulations, standard system has not yet been established, lead to lack of product quality assurance, technical requirements to unification, industrial development limited, affect national security and public safety.
The guidelines were put on the agenda.
The construction goal of the guide is that the construction of the standard system of unmanned aircraft systems is completed in two stages according to the current development status of unmanned aircraft industry.
The first stage (2017-2018) : meet the market demand, unmanned aircraft system support the industry regulations, standard system preliminary established unmanned aircraft system, and develop a batch of market need, the key to support regulatory standards;
The second phase (2019-2019) : gradual unmanned aircraft system standards, in 2020, the basic standard system, establish and improve the unmanned aircraft system 300 items of unmanned aircraft systems and revising standards, basic implementation complete coverage of standard, management standards and technical standards, industry standards to meet relevant industry application requirements.We will speed up the upgrading of our standards to international standards and improve the international standardization competitiveness of unmanned aircraft systems.
In terms of concrete construction ideas, the standard system of unmanned aircraft systems is built according to the principle of "three steps" :
First step, according to the classification of unmanned aircraft system classification complex, large difference of volume weight and technical configuration, application field of many characteristics such as, respectively from the angles of management and technology to extract the common abstract characteristics, each build unmanned aircraft system management architecture and technical architecture.Management structure composed of life cycle, hierarchical classification and the application object, the technical architecture is composed of system hierarchy, hierarchical classification and platform configuration, thus defining the intension and extension of the unmanned aircraft system standardization, proposed covering r&d, registration, identification, manufacture, distribution, the standardization of operation and scrap the whole life cycle demand;
The second step, on the basis of in-depth analysis of standardization requirements, unmanned aircraft system logical relationship management architecture and technical architecture all dimensions, while the management structure of hierarchical classification dimension and the application object dimension planar dimension in turn is mapped to the life cycle of the seven levels, forming r&d, registration, identification, manufacturing, distribution, operation and scrap and so on seven class management standards;The technical architecture of hierarchical classification dimension and platform configuration dimension plane in turn is mapped to a system level three levels of dimension, and form the system level, system level and component level three technical standards.Considering the specific requirements of the basic standards and industry application standard, applying basic standards, industry standards and management standards, technical standards constitute the unmanned aircraft system standard system structure;
The third step, standard system of unmanned aircraft system breaks down, and then establish the unmanned aircraft system standard system framework, guiding the standard system of unmanned aircraft system construction and the related standard work.

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